Termite Soil Treatment

Flow Meter for Termite Barriers Brisbane

Termite Soil Treatment

Termite Soil Treatment 328 640 The Pest Company Ipswich

Termite Soil Treatments Ipswich | The need for accurate measuring tools ensures an effective treatment

When installing a Termite Soil Chemical Barrier to protect Ipswich homes from Termites, it is critical to ensure the best products are selected first and then delivered by the best tools.

A Termite Soil Treatment flow meter is designed to calculate the correct amount of chemicals to ensure an effective barrier. When Soil treatments are installed in accordance with the product label and the Australian Standards AS3660.2-2017, the risks of infestations are minimised.

When any Ipswich property owner is spending plenty on protecting their home, The Pest Company Ipswich places their reputation on delivering the best service possible.

Always use the best Termite Barrier Systems to protect your home; call us today at 1300 872100

Termite Barrier Flow Meter used in Ipswich

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