Termite Barrier Warranty

Termite Barrier warranty

Termite Warranties for new or existing homes are not always set in concrete, most Timber Replacement warranties will have limitations and product manufacturers’ warranties to consider.

All Termite Barriers are designed to prevent the concealed entry by termites.

At The Pest Company Ipswich, we work closely with our customers to ensure they are aware of what warranties are in place and what warranties they can apply for.

All properties can be managed from termite attack, however not all properties can be insured against Termites.

Protect your home from Termites

Will household insurance cover Termites?

Household insurance policies may cover disasters like fire, theft, and water damage in some circumstances; however, they do not cover termites.

Timber replacement warranties are available, depending on what type of system is installed and if ongoing maintenance of a system has been kept up to standard; normally, Termite Inspections are part of all warranty conditions.

Only when a complete termite management system has been installed, like a Termite barrier, Termite treated zone, Physical Barrier, or an Exterra Interception and Baiting system, will there be options to obtain an insurance policy.

In Australia, we are lucky enough to have reputable Pest Control Companies using some of the world’s leading products.


For property owners looking for the ultimate Termite protection, are encouraged to call our friendly staff to get all the facts. We can provide an over the phone estimate on the cost of a full Termite Barrier installation & Baiting System options.

The Pest Company are accredited Timber Pest Inspectors for the Kordon Termite Barrier system extended warranty program.

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