At The Pest Company Ipswich, we offer homeowners and businesses a Pest Control Ipswich service that covers a range of insects.

Our expert technicians will assist in the identification and elimination process, ensuring safe practices are in place.

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Pest Control Service Ipswich

As Pests spread disease and become a nuisance within the home and business, there comes a time to engage a reputable Ipswich Pest Control company you can trust.

Our team of Licensed & Professional Pest Control Service Technicians are trained in the latest protocols. We have researched all the top products and the best equipment to ensure our service leaves 100% of our competitors and any DIY Pest Control treatments for dead.

The Pest Company Ipswich cover all Ipswich areas delivering the best Licensed Pest Control service technicians you will find.

TPC® is rated as Reliable, Trusted and Experienced; our delivery of a safe and cost-effective service saves homeowners and businesses time and money.

Did you know? All our service technicians hold a Blue Card working with Children cards, as we know you and your family’s safety is the highest priority.

Looking for a Pest Control treatment for your home, office or Commercial Property where German Cockroaches are taking control of your restaurant, Cafe or Food Preparation business in Ipswich, then call The Pest Company Ipswich today

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Types of Pest Control Treatments

Ipswich Pest Control Companies offer a Pest Control treatment that covers Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and silverfish.

Taking advantage of a Rodent treatment to cover Rats and Mice for only a tiny fraction of the price is worth every cent.

TPC® service technicians are trained to ensure the best results for the customer.

Ongoing annual Pest Control Treatments completed by professionals eliminate pests at the time of application and prevent ongoing breeding within areas you cannot see.

Did you know?

  • Pests breed inside wall cavities and roof voids unbeknown to residents.
  • Pest Management is an integrated approach that relies on Pest Control services and good hygiene.

Additional Pests on request 

Whether it’s Silverfish, Wasps, Ants, Fleas, Rodents, Bees, Flies, Bed Bugs, Lawn grub, midges, American, Australian & German cockroaches, and Spiders, we have a solution to suit your situation.

Pest Identification

If you are not sure what Pest is causing you a problem, send us a photo via SMS to our office mobile 0402 028043. If we can’t identify the Pest, we have expert entomologists just a phone call away.


The Pest Company Ipswich provides professional business to business services for commercial pest control, medium and and large businesses where we deliver quality Pest Control using the latest products and food safety techniques that keeps our Ipswich customers using us time after time. No commercial situation is the same, so we offer a cost effective pest control service that will suit your business, particular situation and budget.   

“We’re in Business to protect your Business from Pests and Termites”

Our Ipswich commercial pest control service Licensed technicians have years of commercial experience in the following 

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Clubs
  • Hotels, Retail
  • Body Corporate
  • Schools, Child Care (We are Blue Card Holders in QLD) 
  • Industrial
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Government
  • Medical Centres
  • And plenty more

Pest Management

Pest Management involves a professional technician to ensure an effective treatment is carried out. A clean and well managed property requires appropriate food handling techniques and food storage processes in order to ensure protection from pests and contamination.

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    Protecting an Ipswich home against Termites is not always about the type of Termites found or the type of Termite barrier systems available; it’s dealing with the Ipswich construction methods used during the build that increase the risk. Houses built into hills with masses of soil built against walls always pose a threat.

    Did you know, a Termite Management Program may involve multiple systems to protect property? Rest assured, we have treated and saved thousands of properties over the past 18 years in business.

    No obligation Free Quote – Call us now to arrange a Free on-site termite management proposal 1300 872100

    The Pest Company Ipswich carry out Termite Inspections for Properties and provide a detailed Inspection report with photos.

    Our Termite Inspections and detailed reports are in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3660.2 -2017.

    The essential tools used on all TPC® visual Termite Inspections include:

    • Thermal Camera
    • Moisture Meter
    • Tapping device
    • Led Lenser torch
    • And many more

    The Termite inspection process is more than a Termite Inspection
    Our licensed Termite inspectors will inspect for live Termites, Termite Damage and workings. Did you know, we also review and comment on –

    Wood Rot (Wood Decay Fungi)
    Water leaks, water damage, Drainage issues, Ventilation and numerous conducive conditions that attract termites

    Long Term protection from Termites
    As part of the Termite Inspection service, you will receive options on ways to protect your Gold Coast home from a Termite attack. A Free written proposal is offered.

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