• If you find live termites in the property, DO NOT DISTURB THEM – Call 1300 872100

    Do not disturb them

    • Do not Spray them
    • Just leave them
    • If you have opened the damaged areas for example – Door jamb, Skirting board or window sill, quickly grab some dark masking tape of any type and cover the opened areas ASAP. If you do not have any dark tape, cover the area with anything that will keep the termites in a dark area like cardboard, towel, cloth, if you removed the wall lining replace it back.
  • The reason is an unlicensed person cannot purchase the best chemicals nor do they have the license or expertise to treat live termites. The best chemicals available on the market that are effective in eliminating termite infestations are non repellent chemicals and baits used by licensed Termite technicians. Avoid all DIY termite treatments, they will only cost you more.

    When using non repellent Termiticides, Termites will not die immediately, they go about their travels slowly transferring the chemical to each other, which in return will eliminate the colony over time.

    A successful treatment takes time, due to many factors that affect treatments, prior disturbance of the termites before the treatment took place, the distance the nest is from the property, type of Termite species and the time of year, these all play a part in the process of trying to eliminate a termite colony.

    The Pest Company Ipswich, use the best available products and equipment to ensure a successful treatment and Termite free property. Get in contact today 1300 872100

  • The cost involved in obtaining a Pre Sale or Pre Purchase Building and Pest inspection

    Homes are attacked by Termites daily, leaving home owners financially stressed as they frantically try to gather the funds to repair Termite Damage, let alone afford to pay to for Termite treatments and have a Termite protection system installed to protect them home, long term.

    Selling the Home – The most devastating Termite attacks seem to be home owners selling their property. We all assume the property is OK to sell without an inspection, Common comment made – “I have had a look around and all is good”. Let me tell you, it is more than likely never the case.

    The Pest Company have been completing Termite & Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections for 17 years and there is still no simple process to just taking a look around!! . None of our inspectors can just take a look around their own home, or just look around when you are at an open home, it’s crazy to think this is acceptable practice. A thorough inspection by a licensed inspector is required on every occasion using the correct tools indicated by AS4349.3 – 2010 and more are used to assist the process.

    Furthermore, If you are selling your home, thinking it is OK to wait for the purchaser to get a Building & Pest Inspection and deal with the results when it happens, could be the worst nightmare.

    Leaving you gutted – Many purchasers simply walk away leaving the homeowner with a termite damaged home.

    We have seen massive damage lately, I’m talking about structural damage, wall framing, roof trusses, bearers and joists, and other areas, timber framing, architraves, windows sills, door jambs in bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge rooms and roof void damage that are all extremely expensive to repair.

    Not only does the seller on most occasions lose the sale, they then spend more money treating the termites, protecting the home and finally the the large expense, building repairs.

    Selling the home, then repeat the cycle “are you serious” this is a massive job – Think of the money spent on selling a home for eg selecting an agent, preparing the house for sale, advertising, cleaning , agents time and fees, open homes just to name a few = end result; time, time, time, time, plus money, money, money.

  • Termite management programs, barriers, systems & products – What’s the difference?”

    There are a range of quality Termite protection systems and products on the market with different modes of action that protect a property from termite ingress. Many property owners feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of options available which maybe from obtaining too many opinions and proposals from too many pest control companies.

    For this article we are referring to existing homes, Australian Standards, AS3660.2-2017 in and around existing buildings.

    It is not just about the product on offer, it is about the method of construction used by the builder. Once the construction method is clearly understood by an onsite visit by us options are provided. The decision making process becomes clearer for the property owner when the Termite technician can be 100% clear on the best system to protect the home, from here the owners budget can be discussed.

    Few ideas below, that may even be confusing – If the home is an existing property you may have more than one option:

    1. Chemical barrier or treated zone option
    2. An interception baiting system, but before we go too far… Is your existing home built into a hill or partially underground or split level?

    If yes,

    An interception and baiting system option is likely the best system as chemical applications may be limited, unless major construction works are carried out.

    Don’t risk it, get an expert in. A site visit will always determine the best options available. Call us 1300 872100

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