Altis Reticulation System Ipswich

Altis Termite Reticulation System

The Altis system is an ideal Termite Management System that can be used on new homes, renovations, or existing properties in the Ipswich area. When it comes to refilling the system, you’ll save time and money.

The patented Altis Reticulation System is an irrigation system designed to effectively treat the area beneath slab-on-ground construction, for protection against infestation by subterranean termites, and around the external of the building to prevent termites from entering the building.

Altis Reticulation

Altis Termite Barrier Installation

The Altis System is installed before laying the concrete slab and before any paving for the external system. The Altis System uses flexible pipes which use emitters to distribute chemical at a measured rate and is of particular advantage in difficult sites such as clay sites, uneven sand pads, and step-downs.

Depending on the locations around the Ipswich areas, soil replacement is likely the best approach to ensure a long-term barrier.

Reticulation Line Ipswich

Termiticide Injection

The termiticide is induced at low pressure, which combined with controlled rate emitters maintains an even distribution at all points along the pipes.

The use of emitters ensures that no grit, roots from vegetation, or other forms of intrusion will clog the pipe. The unique patented difference in the Altis System is that pipes are laid over the perforated plastic membrane, beneath the builder’s membrane. In this way, the chemical is distributed evenly and does not risk any untreated areas, which would allow opportunities for termites to enter.

This revolutionary system is an environmentally friendly and safe way to apply chemicals beneath your building. Using Non-Repellent chemicals like Termidor is the best way to ensure long-term protection around the Ipswich areas.

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