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    The Pest Company Ipswich are a reputable company you can trust.
    Our professional team of licensed, trusted and experienced technicians cover all Ipswich areas.
    We are in business to assist the Ipswich Community with Pest and Termite Free properties.
    As one of the leading companies within the Pest Control Industry, we have inspected and protected thousands of residential homes & commercial buildings, we understand our reputation is on the line on very job we do.
    Our Pest Control & Termite Barrier services provide property owners peace of mind.

    The Pest Company Brisbane

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    Termite Protection brands we trust

    If you have concerns about Pests or Termites this is how we help 

    Our detailed Pest Control and Termite services are well known by local Ipswich residents as they rebook their favourite combined Termite Inspection & Pest Control treatment every year.

    Pests & Termites live within the concealed areas of the home, TPC® stop them breeding in places you cannot see.

    Pest Control Ipswich

    Pest Control treatments here at The Pest Company Ipswich are carried out by our local technicians who carry the lastest Pest Control products & equipment.

    The Pest Company Ipswich’s licensed technicians provide thousands of safe and effective treatments every year, whether you own a residential or commercial property in Ipswich we have the services to help. 

    Termites Ipswich

    Termites destroy Ipswich property daily, so engaging an expert technician that is Termite Licensed and experienced is certainly a great step forward in protecting the home.


    1. Termite Inspections Ipswich
    2. Written Termite Management Proposal
    3. Termite Protection Ipswich
    4. Termite Warranties

    As Termites destroy properties fast, book a termite Inspection and a onsite Termite Barrier proposal today.


    As Termidor is recognised as one of the the World’s leading non repellent Termite Treatments,  The Pest Company Ipswich are accredited Installers and rate Termidor as the number one product of choice

    Find out why,

    The Pest Company Brisbane Termidor

    Termite Protection help for property owners in the local Ipswich area, this is what we do

    When it comes to the decision of how do we protect our home from Termites, you’ll be glad you have chosen The Pest Company Ipswich.

    We discuss a Termite Management plan with you, provide the best effective solutions and tailor them to suit your budget and your home.

    When it comes to Termite protection you can trust our local expertise.

    There are questions always raised by property owners when it comes down to protecting their home from Termites;

    1. How do I protect my existing Ipswich property from Termites?
    2. What are the requirements for Termite Protection when Building  a new home or extension in the Ipswich area?
    3. Should we be using a Physical or chemical barrier?
    4. Do Termite Baiting Systems really work?

    The Following three links assist with getting the best facts about Termite protection, from here an informed decision can be made. If in doubt we are always happy to help

    Engaging in a Local Ipswich Pest & Termite expert is where the value lies. Combine a Termite Inspection & Pest Control with TPC and save $50.00

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